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Light & Sound Therapy

We carefully select light and sound programs to reinforce your goals.
They are designed to empower you and accelerate your success.

Accelerate Your Experience

We have a specific Light and Sound Room, where we offer Light and Sound therapy in conjunction with sensory hypnosis.

These sessions in Lumina Sound and Light combine the rhythm, pitch, and musical effect of sound with kaleidoscopic effects from light stimulation in various frequency arrangements to stimulate relaxation and mood changes.

These effects can vary from energizing, to meditative, to sleep-inducing and range from Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta waves. We can change the sessions to provide relief from symptoms with sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, low energy, and even Seasonal Affective Disorder. It often helps to stimulate visualization, balance emotions, increase focus, can help with retention in learning, and generate creative solutions to problems. Many physicians use sound and light to help with pain control.

Obtain a Deeper State of Hypnosis

We often use light and sound waves to assist our clients in attaining a deeper state of relaxation and hypnosis. Deeper states of hypnosis, help clients connect to their subconscious in meaningful ways, thereby helping them to more easily reach their goals.

Through the use of audio and visual stimulation, clients are gently guided into specific brainwave states.
Our minds think in terms of frequency, which change based on neural activity. These senses respond to stimulus from the environment and transmit that information to the brain via electrical signals. It’s a great way to lose weight, destress and much, much, more. It’s a very comfortable and relaxing process.

You do not have to be a weight loss client to benefit from our light and sound therapy. We can individualize sessions to meet your specific needs, such as benefitting from anxiety, depression, enhanced physical performance, test anxiety, public speaking, and seasonal affective disorder.