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While you are on your health journey of losing weight, we all struggle at times.  So, here are 5 strategies to help you achieve your goal and even go beyond, by falling back in love with yourself.

1. Focus on what’s going right.  Don’t let the drama and negativity in your head disrupt and sabotage your progress.  When this happens, come up with 10 things that are going right.

2. Make up a “New Story.”  Prove to yourself how successful you are.  Remember all your past successes, little and large.  Tell yourself how easy those came to you, and this too will become Easy for you.

3. Get Happy.  Do something creative, something you enjoy, or better yet, something that inspires you.  Having fun for 20 minutes makes everything seem easier.

4. Connect to your vision.  Why are you getting healthy?  We’ve all heard the same things…to live longer, be healthier, reduce my chances of diabetes…blah, blah, blah.  Why are you really doing this?  “I want to look awesome at my sister’s wedding.”  “Blow the socks off my ex.”  “Fit into my favorite red dress.”  I don’t care what the reason is, so long as it speaks to something inside you that motivates you.

5. Show some Sparkle.  While you are doing this.  Enjoy the feeling of getting what you want.  Put some bounce in your step because you know you are getting better and feeling better every day.  You can enjoy yourself NOW!  Try it out.  Just pretend you are slimmer, happier, and healthier just for 1 day.  Walk around with a huge smile, put some razzle-dazzle in your mood, and notice how others respond positively to you!  You don’t have to wait.  Enjoy yourself now!

Remember How Beautiful, Unique, and Exciting You Are!!