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Clearly the last thing we want to think about is maintaining or losing weight on vacation. Most of us save all year to go on vacation for a few weeks. We hope to “disconnect” from stress, job demands, to-do lists, traffic jams, and general concerns. We can’t wait to put our feet up, sleep without an alarm, and do what we want to do when we want to. But, we also don’t want to return to the “real world” with a few extra pounds, as that causes even more stress.
Here are some ways to make sure you maintain or lose weight on vacation!

Double your exercise to maintain or lose weight on vacation

When we’re away, sunbathing on the beach or visiting local wonders, there are plenty of opportunities to try new forms of exercise. Running on the beach at sunrise or sunset is a dream! Swimming in the ocean can provide a good cardio workout or swim in the infinity pool at night when the lights are on and the stars are shimmering. If you’re with your kids, now is the time to run around, romp, and play hide-and-seek. Try to keep up with their bursts of energy. As we play vigorously, we are also burning fat cells! Walking is also a must when traveling in foreign places. You get to experience spectacular tourist sites, and you don’t even realize how much walking you’ve put in.

Choose indulgences wisely

It is not about restraining yourself, but about looking for alternatives that do not involve sacrifice, and that, in turn, is delicious. Eat a succulent mango or pineapple for breakfast instead of greasy sausage. If you know that your family wants to visit a pizzeria, plan that meal strategically. Lay off fattening foods or pastries in the morning, drink plenty of water, and in the afternoon you can enjoy the cheese-covered pizza. That way, when you can finally go to that deserved restaurant, you will feel in a position to please yourself. Maintaining or losing weight is possible with small changes that make a big difference.

The portion size makes the difference

When we travel, it is always tempting to eat much more than our stomachs can handle. The good news is that when you travel outside of the United States, often the portions are much smaller so you may not have to worry about the portion-size of your food. If you tend to over-indulge, eat a salad, and have a glass of water before indulging in those tasty treats. You’ll be too full to eat too many sweets.

Shake: go dance

When we think about what to do on vacation, we think about sightseeing, boating, or climbing the pyramids, but we never think about dancing! Find places that offer music and dance! Get up and move that body. Even if you don’t dance… dance anyway! Who cares? No one knows you, and dancing is one of the best ways to burn those extra calories you generally consume on vacation. The importance of these tips is not to lose weight on vacation, but to find alternatives that allow you to enjoy your vacation days without having enormous regrets later.